Behind the Scenes

How I Work with your Planner

Behind the Scenes

Your planner wants your vendors to be a team that works well together.

What do I do to help them give you a great experience?
I do the basics well:
  • I’m honest and hard-working. I have an unparalleled work ethic.
  • I’m well-organized and a great communicator.
  • I do what I say I’m going to do. I’ve never been late on my deliverables. Even when the client has added items to their package while I was already in the middle of their edits!
  • I know they worked hard on creating your timeline and I do everything I can to keep the day on track. They’ll never be the one trying to chase me down. I used to be an operations leader for a huge company and had hundreds of people on my team. I’m accustomed to controlled chaos – and dare I say, I thrive in it!
  • On top of all that, I’m fun to work with and I care for my couples as much as they do.
Some things beyond the basics that help your planner elevate your experience:
  • I’ve helped bring my couples back to the present moment when the commotion of the day was starting to get to them.
  • I give my couples good surprises (I can’t tell you what these are because then they’ll no longer be surprises!).
  • I get to know my couples. I look for what makes them unique and make those aspects of their love come to life in the film. 
Bottom line, your planner is my client too. As are the other vendors making your dream day come to life – photographer, band/DJ, and venue too!

Let's make something special.

TELL Me YOUR STORY. I’LL capture it so you never forget.

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