Behind the Scenes

How to Choose the Right Wedding Videographer for You

Behind the Scenes

Choosing the person who is going to make a film about your wedding day is a very personal choice. I don’t think there is a singular approach to making this decision but this is how I’d do it if it was my wedding.

To keep it simple, I’d boil it down to 3 questions:
1. Do I like their work?
I’d go to their website and other social profiles and check out their work. I’d focus on their latest projects because an artist’s style can change over time. And even if their style remains constant, most likely their skill and quality will have grown.
2. Do I feel a connection with them?
It can be tough to gauge this by looking through their online presence. But they’d impress me if I reach out and they did things like:
    • Get back to me right away.
    • Ask great questions to figure out why I want.
    • Make me feel comfortable.
    • Show they actually listen instead of just pitching themselves – that’s what would impress me.
This is probably the most important deciding factor because connection is going to affect everything.
3. Can they make the film(s) I want for a price I can afford?
There’s such a wide range of prices for wedding videography – from under $1000 to more than most people even pay for their entire wedding. A lot of this depends on their:
    • Experience
    • Location
    • Number of people in their team
    • Level of demand for their services, etc.
Bottom line, I’d build/choose my package (coverage hours, types of films, etc.) and get clarity on how much it costs. Some videographers offer flexible payment plans. So if you’re not keen on paying a huge amount up front or right before your wedding day, you can spread it out over time.
There are other factors to consider such as their reputation, reviews, and maybe even their kit. But to me, if my answers to the 3 questions above are a “no”, then nothing else really matters.

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