Renny + Steve

Renny and Steve celebrate at their wedding with nearly 300 of their closest friends and family while honoring their Khmer roots. During a day with so many moving parts and unforeseen events, we were reminded of what was most important of all through the words of the Buddhist monk Lok Bong Kosal at Wat Pratchum Raingey.


Photographer – Ramzey Staples. You were so good to work with. You had a way of putting people at ease and were incredibly helpful at the temple. Also, thank you to Cindy for sharing the fan and umbrella on such a hot day!

DJ – John Weidenfeller of JL Music Entertainment. Thank you for providing me with a high-quality feed from your equipment. I also appreciate how you did your best to keep me and Ramzey in the loop on any changes of plans during the reception. I hope we get to work with each other again!

Music licensed through Artlist.

Khmer wedding in Tacoma, Washington USA

All rights reserved. Kelvin Lozano | Kaneri Films.

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