Making a Wedding Film

How do I make your wedding film? And how do I make it as distinct and unique as you? What I’ll give you is so much more than a simple chronological documentary of what happened. To give you a film that truly tells your story, I start crafting it long before your wedding day. It’s not just a film but an experience that’s centered around you.

Build a Foundation of Connection. 

To start with, we’ll meet at least a couple of times before your wedding day. Typically, it will be over the phone but if we’re local, we I’d love to meet in person. The last thing I want is to be a stranger to you on your wedding day! Instead, I want you to be comfortable with me. I want to feel more like a friend to you rather than just your videographer. Feeling a connection is important for us being able to work well with one another. I also feel that a strong connection is essential to making a film that feels authentically you.

Capture the Experience as it Naturally Unfolds. 

All you need to do is be present for all the fleeting moments. Leave it to me to preserve them forever. With every moment I capture, it’s like I’m collecting the raw materials I’ll need to create with originality. I’ll be with you for all the major moments. From the time you’re getting ready to when the party ends. Capturing great audio from the day is also a high priority when it comes to  creating something with depth. To do this, I put a small lavalier microphone on you, your partner, as well as the officiant. They are comfortable and discreet. I also use at least one other source as back-up audio such as getting an audio feed from the DJ’s sound board or speakers. I bring only what’s essential, nothing more. My goal is to capture with a unique perspective while avoiding being obtrusive.

Craft the Film with all the Memories and all the Feels. 

I watch and listen to every minute I captured with three cameras and many audio recorders – the best parts, multiple times. I don’t follow a formula to make your film. Rather, I think back to how your day felt as I watch the footage and filter everything through the essence of who you are. Then I start piecing everything together with intentionality. The choice of  music, subtle sound design, tasteful transitions, and other effects are all done for the sole purpose of bringing you back to that day. 

want more details?

Let’s take a look at the key moments of my client’s experience so you have a better feel for what to expect.
  1. Potential client inquires and I respond within a few hours (usually a text within minutes if they leave their phone number).
  2. Potential client receives an invitation to meet with me for a consultation.
  3. During the consultation, we get to know one another and we talk about explore their vision for their wedding as well as their film. If we decide we’re mutually a good fit then the potential client receives a proposal, contract, and invoice.
  4. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, they’ve officially booked me! They receive an immediate confirmation as well as a courtesy detailed client wedding planning guide.
  5. We touch base 6 months before their wedding to make sure they know I’m there to help them with anything they need.
  6. We touch base again one to three months before their wedding to review their finalized timeline and other important wedding details.
  7. The remaining balance of the total cost of their wedding film collection is due one month before the wedding.
  8. A week before their wedding, I send them a helpful wedding day checklist.
  9. I prepare all of my gear, look over my notes from our previous conversations, and review all of the details that are important to my clients.
  10. The wedding celebration happens and I do my thing!
  11. All of the footage, audio files, and photos are backed up on four hard drives.
  12. I send a thank you note and remind my couples of the delivery timeline for their video(s).
  13. I edit. This is where a lot of the magic happens as noted in the 3rd bullet point up above.
  14. If my clients purchased a teaser, they receive it within a few days. I also like to send my fellow vendors and creative partners a few video clips they can use on their own websites and social media pages.
  15. I finish the highlight within 2 to 4 weeks and send it to my clients.
  16. Last, I finish the remainder of their wedding collection if they purchased enhancements like the ceremony and toasts documentary edit.

Those are the main bits minus the nitty-gritty details as well as a few good surprises sprinkled throughout!

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Hi. I’m Kelvin.

I make films that are artistic, natural, and real.

Hi! I’m the one behind the camera. I hope that, more than anything else, when you watch your film, that you see yourselves. Couples who choose me are looking for a filmmaker who invites them to show up as who they are. These couples want a film that represents them and their wedding’s vibe authentically. They want a filmmaker who, above all, is keenly focused on them and their people having a good time.