Illinois, USA Wedding – Abby & Joey

I arrived at a house by the river. It was where Abby, the bride, was getting ready for the wedding. Niki, one of her bridesmaids asked me “Are you nervous?” I said “No.”

I was lying.

The truth is, I get a bit nervous on the morning of every wedding I film. I mean, it’s a huge responsibility (and honor) to make something that captures the essence of such an important day. And on top of that, to do it with honesty and style!

I was more nervous than normal for this wedding because Abby and the groom, Joey, are my friends.

Whenever I thought of Abby and Joey in the past, the images of them being goofy came to mind. That changed when I went to their house to have a casual, pre-wedding chat on their couch. One of their dogs, Kino, would walk over for a bit of petting from her human parents every now and then. We pacified their other dog, Nellie, with a chew toy filled with peanut butter because she wanted to eat me.

During our conversation, I laughed and held back tears. It was hard because I didn’t want to laugh so hard that the camera would pick up my voice. So I was doing this weird thing where I would throw my head back in a semi-silent laugh. Anyway, Abby and Joey told me their whole story. They didn’t hold anything back. I felt I knew them more wholly. That made a difference in how well I was able to convey who they are and what they’re all about in their film.

Snippets of that hour-long conversation are in their wedding day’s highlight film.

Congratulations to these two beautiful people. May these lovers also remain the best of friends.

Creative Partners:

  • Wedding Venue: Trailside Event Center Peoria, Illinois 
  • Morgan (Abby’s sister) – home video footage of grandpa Jack
  • Planners – Bethany and L at Bold Events | IG: @bold_events
  • Photographer – Grace Allison | IG:
  • DJ – DJ Austin and Grace at Palma Entertainment | IG: @palmaentertainment
  • Music licensed through Musicbed.
  • Wedding in Peoria, Illinois USA

All rights reserved. Kelvin Lozano | Kaneri Films.

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