We create cinematic films that follow the timeless principles of storytelling.

Story has the power to captivate an audience. It evokes emotion and leaves an impression. We exist to tell the stories of the adventurers, the dreamers, and freedom-seekers.


Brand Origin Story

Tell the human story behind your brand to build trust within your customers.

Product Commercial

Build curiosity about your product or service with a film that captures attention.

Wedding Story

Capture your unique love story and special day with an unforgettable film.

What you'll get:

1. Collaborative Relationship

2. Full Service Video Production

3. 4K Film That Gives You the Feels

Customer reviews

Working with Kelvin was very special and different from anything I've had before. He was interested, for REAL, in our story. He captured details that I hadn't thought of to make it into a compelling story. The final products were amazing at an unexpected level.
Wilson Ochoa
Founder | Inti Kamari Retreat Center
I like the way Kelvin got to know me before we began to work on the videos. To have a coffee, to chat. That was the most important thing - to form a friendship. Personally, the final product was beautiful, it gave me the chills. It's worth so much to me.
Alex Andrade
Founder | Anmay Leather Arts
Kelvin is a wonderful human being, always with a smile, very professional, and with excellent ideas to contribute. His work is impeccable and best of all, he has the ability to show through his videos a unique perspective of the reality he observes. Love it!
Yenis Bejas
General Manager | Expats Magazine Cuenca
Kelvin is extremely professional, open to feedback, and an overall joy to work with. He has an excellent eye for capturing special moments and editing content into videos that strike an emotional chord. He took direction really well and created a video for us that was beyond what I could have imagined.
Kenzie Barth
Co-Founder | Groundwork
It was amazing working with Kelvin, he took the time to understand our vision and then got to work. He was extremely professional and self directed. At the end of the process he delivered us with a video that exceeded all my expectations. He did an amazing job in capturing the essence of our project and was a pleasure to work with.
Neal Hegarty
Founder | Granja Tz'ikin
Kelvin was easy to connect with. It was a pleasure to create this unique video with him. He understood what we were about and went from idea to committed execution FAST. He created a clear vision of the end product, made sure we all liked it, and we did the shoot with ease, pushing forward against any obstacle to get it done and done the right way. When working with Kelvin, expect nothing but excellence.
Santiago Lopez
Founder | Caoba Farms
Kelvin has created an innovative video for my permaculture farm business that has improved my website's SEO. I felt that no one could have described all that I do on the farm better than Kelvin's video.
Paola Andrea Perez Garces
Co-Founder | Groundwork
Working with Kelvin was a true pleasure, he is very professional, creative and passionate about his work. He fully engaged in the task, capturing the essence of our farm-to-table concept and created an amazing video for us. I would highly recommend him!
Karin Rudberg
Owner | Caoba Farms
With the help of Kelvin I’ve recently just launched my own tourism business in Colombia. The web page and promotional video he created have ensured my business is expanding on a daily basis. His attention to detail and patience combined with unbelievable talent make him invaluable in promoting your business.
Santiago Lopez
Founder | Guacamaya Trips
I appreciated Kelvin’s project management approach to his creative works. His up-front planning meant we had all the critical people on-set when we needed them and saved us a lot of time. Kelvin’s relaxed manner put our people at ease, so their interviews came out natural and unscripted. He had a way of asking questions that made them open up and share their emotions in a comfortable way. Because Kelvin did such a good job of setting expectations about the outcome upfront, we only needed to make a few minor changes when it came to final editing.
Mar Rosati
Co-Founder | Proyecto Florecer

How it works:

You are 3 steps away from telling your story

1. We Listen to Your Vision

We bring the questions that reveal the most important parts to the story you want to tell. Then we structure everything in the timeless format of a story.

2. We Shoot the Film

We'll create the script, prepare key characters, and shoot the film. It'll feel like we're just hanging out. But in no time, shoot day will be done and from there, we handle the rest.

3. You Receive the Final Cut

We take all of the raw footage, find all the best takes, and combine it with music and effects to amplify the message and emotion behind your story. Then, we'll deliver the final cut to you on a memory card.

Kaneri Films

At Kaneri Films, we know you want to be the top choice for your potential clients. In order to do that, you need to tell your company and your product’s story in a way that appeals to your customers’ logic and emotion. The problem is creating a video like this can take a lot of time which makes you feel a bit overwhelmed. We believe that businesses with great stories deserve to stand out from the competition. And we understand it can seem daunting to create a video that truly does justice to the story behind your company, your product, and what it can do for your customers. That’s why we make the entire video production process easy – we’ll handle everything from concept to completion.

Check out our latest films

Caoba Farms | Farm to Table Restaurant

During a 1.5 month visit to Antigua, Guatemala, I was inspired by the story of Alex and his project called Caoba Farms. This restaurant is part of an effort that promotes sustainability, community, and education.

Proyecto Florecer | Women Empowerment

We were blessed to get to know Mar Rosati and hear the stories of the women whose lives have been transformed by her organization. Every single one of the women have faced some trauma and are now thriving.

Groundwork | Immersion Event

We had the opportunity to film a 12-day Permaculture Immersion Course at Lake Atitlan. The goal was to capture candid moments shared by the participants in a way that accurately shows the company's purpose and mission.

Medellin Ecohostel | Nature Retreat

The aim of this film was to capture a day in the life at Paola's Medellin Ecohostel. It is a farm, language school, vegan cooking school, and yoga/meditation space in a small but popular and beautiful town called Guatape.

Guacamaya Trips | Tourism Company

Santi Lopez, the founder of Guacamaya Trips, wanted a video that represented his unique style of showing people around his country, Colombia. Going on a tour with him is like seeing the country with an old friend.

Anmay Leather Arts | Artisanal Leather Goods

Alex, the artist behind two popular leather goods stores in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador wanted a commercial that captured how a customer felt when they wore his leather art. They wear confidence.


Most frequent questions and answers

We work with small companies who want to do one of two things. They want to tell the story of how their company started and how it’s doing today. And/or they want to tell the story of how their product and service can solve their customers’ problems.

We are based out of Austin, Texas in the USA. We are currently traveling the world, staying in each location for 1 to 3 months at a time doing local projects. However, we are available to help you tell your story, wherever you are in the world. The way that would work is we’d write the script and plan the shoot over video calls. Then I’d travel to the shoot location. We’d either edit while on location or travel back depending on the project. Either way, you’ll get the final product on a USB flash memory drive rushed to you once it’s finished.

We use the Fuji XT4 and Fuji XT30. Both shoot in 4K. In addition, we have an Insta360 action camera and a DJI Mini 2 drone for those shots that help tell your story on another level.

Short answer is that it depends. For most projects pre-production (all of the planning and preparation before the shoot) take up to a day. Shooting takes another one to two days. Editing typically takes the longest. The turnaround for short commercials can be done in a day. Longer videos (7-20 minutes) will take about a week to edit. Once we outline the details of your unique project, we will create a more specific timeline to completion. Here is a sample schedule for client who purchased a 60-second commercial and a 15 to 20-minute origin story.

Short answer again is that it depends on the project’s complexity. On average, most projects fall into the $1000 to $5000 range. Talk to us about your specific project and we’ll quickly be able to give you an exact cost.

You own the video, forever! You can use it however and wherever you want.

Yes, so long as it’s a good fit. We like to create wedding videos that are more than just a highlight of the wedding day. We weave in the couple’s backstory (the important parts of their relationship leading up to the wedding) as well as their future dreams as a couple. Feel free to reach out to us by clicking on any of the contact buttons on this page to see if we’d be a good fit.

Everyone has a story to tell