Because remembering is worth it.

We promised, even if only to ourselves, to always remember how their vows made us want to kiss them before they even finished. We promised to always remember the love we felt from those who came to toast, sing, and dance in celebration of us finding and marrying our person. We promised to always remember every unfiltered moment that made us feel.

But with time, memories fade. We forget.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I believe we should all be able to relive the fleeting moments – from the subtle details to the grand. I believe we never have to forget.

Let’s make a film filled with moments worth remembering.

What people are saying

...Kelvin was calm and patient the whole time. In fact, there was a moment when I panicked about my wedding. Kelvin brought me back to my normal tempo and saved the day. The wedding video made me smile, laugh, and cry happy tears. In that order! Hire Kelvin. Your present and future self will thank you...
Bride | Wedding July 2022
...Watching our video still brings us to tears every time. Kelvin's approach made us feel at ease resulting in a truly authentic video which fully captured our emotions and love for each other...
Nicole + Daniel
Bride + Groom | Engagement Film June 2022
...There couldn't be a more perfect way to have a documentary of that day. I admire Kelvin's work. My respects for having such good taste. With all my heart thank you very much for capturing everything beautifully...
Bride | Wedding April 2022
...Kelvin’s relaxed manner put our people at ease, so their interviews came out natural and unscripted. He had a way of asking questions that made them open up and share their emotions in a comfortable way...
Mar Rosati
Co-Founder | Commercial 2021
...Working with Kelvin was very special and different from anything I've had before. He was interested, truly, in our story...
Wilson Ochoa
Founder | Commercial 2021
...I like the way Kelvin got to know me before we began to work on the videos. The final product was beautiful, it gave me the chills. It's worth so much to me...
Alex Andrade
Founder | Commercial 2021
...Kelvin's work is impeccable and best of all, he has the ability to show, through his videos, a unique perspective of the reality he observes. Love it!
Yenis Bejas
General Manager | Commercial 2021
...Kelvin has an excellent eye for capturing special moments that strike an emotional chord. He created a video that was beyond what I could have imagined...
Kenzie Barth
Co-Founder | Commercial 2021
...It was amazing working with Kelvin. He was extremely professional and self-directed. At the end of the process he delivered a video that exceeded all my expectations...
Neal Hegarty
Founder | Commercial 2021
...Kelvin was easy to connect with. It was a pleasure to create this unique video with him. When working with Kelvin, expect nothing but excellence...
Alex Kronick
Founder | Commercial 2021
...I felt that no one could have described all that I do better than Kelvin's video...
Paola Garces
Founder | Commercial 2021
...Working with Kelvin was a true pleasure, he is very professional, creative and passionate about his work...
Karin Rudberg
Owner | Commercial 2021
...Kelvin's attention to detail and patience combined with unbelievable talent make him invaluable...
Santiago Lopez
Founder | Commercial 2021

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A Note to Wedding Planners and Other Vendors

We share the same vision.

Like you, I want offer my clients an extraordinary experience. I understand the importance of collaborating with planners and other vendors so you’ll see that I’m calm, confident, professional, organized, and a pleasure to work with.

I make wedding films because I believe they have the power to preserve the meaningful moments of a day that goes by in the blink of an eye. By combining the principles of storytelling with beautiful cinematic composition, my films make people feel something. And my hope is that when the couple watches their film, the feeling it evokes takes them back to that special time of their lives, no matter how much time has passed.

Never forget your wedding day.

remember how you felt. It’ll be as easy as pressing play.