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How to Write Personal Wedding Vows

For most couples, the prospect of standing in front of their friends and family members on their wedding day and declaring undying love for one another is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. There’s so much pressure to craft just the right sentiment for your beloved. After all, you want it to be romantic but sincere, funny[…]

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Making a Wedding Film

How do I make your wedding film? And how do I make it as distinct and unique as you? What I’ll give you is so much more than a simple chronological documentary of what happened. To give you a film that truly tells your story, I start crafting it long before your wedding day. It’s not[…]

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How I Work with your Photographer

Couples are happier when their photographers and videographers work well together. The reality is that your photographer and I will be working with each other all day. We’ll both doing our best to deliver on our promises. I’ll reach out to your photographer, especially if we’ve never worked together. I want to make sure they have my[…]

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How I Work with your Planner

Your planner wants your vendors to be a team that works well together. Planners love working with me because I match the level of sophistication and care they put into making your vision come to life. I believe the experience that you have when working with me is just as important as the quality of the[…]

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Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer for You

Choosing the right wedding videographer is a very personal choice. I don’t think there is a singular approach to making this decision but this is how I would make the call if I was the one getting married. To keep it simple, I’d boil it down to 3 questions: 1. Do I like their work?  I’d go[…]

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I’m Kelvin

for memory-makers and lovers

I make films that are honest, natural, and real. Rather than directing you to strike the perfect pose, my style focuses on artistically filming real moments as they happen. I will never ask you to fabricate a smile or fake a laugh. Instead I want you to just soak it all in and leave it to me to capture those moments full of emotion and meaning.