How I Work with your Photographer

Couples are happier when their photographers and videographers work well together.
The reality is that your photographer and I will be working with each other all day. We’ll both doing our best to deliver on our promises.
I’ll reach out to your photographer, especially if we’ve never worked together. I want to make sure they have my contact information and I let them know that I’m available if they need anything from me. I get to know their working style, lens choices, and note the shots they need. That way, on the day of your wedding, the whole process is smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.
During the portrait sessions, I’m laid back if your photographer has a vision for how they want to pose and direct. I look the best parts of the session and capture them as they happen. I also come with my own style of subtle directing that results in real, honest emotions and reactions. So when I see something in my mind that I know you’ll love, I’ll collaborate with your photographer to work it in. To me, I never want to play tug-of-war with your photographer. That’s not fun and doesn’t result in a great experience for you. Everything turns out better and we stay on schedule when we’re considerate of one another. It’s a collaboration from start to finish!
During the ceremony and other key moments, I have at least 2 camera angles (most of the time 3) filming at the same time. Don’t worry, none of those angles involve a tripod in the middle of the aisle! So if your photographer gets in one of my shots, I almost always have another angle I can use. This means your photographer is able to shoot from anywhere without compromising the footage I need for your film.
Overall, I see your photographer as a collaborator, a creative partner even. It’s all about open communication, teamwork, and mutual respect. And I feel the same way about your other vendors like your planner, venue, HMUA, and band/DJ.

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I make films that are honest, natural, and real. Rather than directing you to strike the perfect pose, my style focuses on artistically filming real moments as they happen. I will never ask you to fabricate a smile or fake a laugh. Instead I want you to just soak it all in and leave it to me to capture those moments full of emotion and meaning.