How I Create Timeless Films that are Personalized for Every Couple

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to capture and tell your beautiful love story. This is how I’ll use the timeless elements of storytelling in to create your one-of-a-kind wedding film:

  1. Plan and Prepare: Before your wedding, we’ll talk about your story, personalities, and vision for the video. I want to hear all about your journey together, the moments that have shaped your relationship, and any special details you’d like to include. 
  2. Use Professional Gear with Back-ups: I use top-notch equipment along with multiple back-ups to ensure nothing is missed. For example, my cameras record to two different places so even if one memory card fails, there’s always another copy. I also have three back-ups for capturing audio because the narrative pieces from your vows, speeches, and toasts are so important to telling your story. When I get home, I back-up everything to 6 different places to make sure the raw material for your films are safe.
  3. Embrace the Unpredictability: I prepare thoroughly to handle any surprises on your wedding day, capturing real moments as they happen. I spend a lot of time before your wedding day to get to get familiar with your vendor team, venue, your story, and all of the other intentional elements you’ve designed into your day. It’s this level of preparation that allows me to embrace the unpredictability of a live event like your wedding day. When there are no do-overs, you’ll want a videographer who can see beyond a shot list to capture the beauty of the real moments that naturally unfold.
  4. Focus on You, the Main Characters: I’ll capture the essence of your personalities and interactions with loved ones. I have a calm and confident presence which has a way of putting people at ease. When you and your guests feel comfortable, you’ll feel like you can just be yourself. You being you is truly the best ingredient to a wedding film.
  5. Capture the Setting and Atmosphere: A great wedding film has the ability to make the viewer feel like they were there. Your venue, decor, and overall ambiance (in terms of both visuals and sounds) will play a key role in setting the mood and tone of your film.
  6. Use My Unique Perspective: Every videographer can press the record button on a camera. What sets me apart is my ability to pay attention, read the room, and my unique perspective. Things happen quickly in a live event. Staying present allows me to get the shot. You’ll never hear me say “can you do that again?” If anything, you may hear me whisper “Wow, that was beautiful.” as I am getting the shot of an important moment. I also get enough variety in my shots – from wide, sweeping frames that capture the grandness of the room to intimate close-ups of the details. Documenting a scene from different angles and compositions is part of what will bring your story to life.
  7. Document How it Felt: You’ll feel a spectrum of emotions on your wedding day. I’ll document and edit in a way that results in a film that tells the whole story and takes you back to the full range of emotions. I’ll give you the space to feel the weight of the moment. These moments… your true experiences, from tense anticipation to euphoria… are what you’ll want to look back on.
  8. Craft the Storyline: Throughout your wedding day, countless little moments will happen. It can be a candid reaction within an authentic scene or a speech that someone rehearsed to perfection. I’ll be intentional with the scenes I select for your edits and arrange them in such a way that they create a cohesive narrative arc. What you’ll have is something much more than an aimless string of pretty images synced to the beat of a song. Every scene is meticulously set in the right place, from the hook to resolution. You’ll have a film that has order and visual language that tells an engaging story.
  9. Subtle Visual and Sound Design: I use the visuals, voices, and other natural sounds from your day as the foundation for your wedding film. Then, I add tasteful color and sound design to enhance the emotions felt within each scene. Elevating the atmosphere in a subtle way is what gives my wedding films the power to bring you back to that moment.
  10. Review and Fine-tune: I personally complete your edits. I don’t outsource edits because I feel that being the one to craft the edit is the best way for the emotions I felt while I observed, witnessed, and documented your day to translate into your film. However, once I’m 95% done, I privately share the film with two to three people to receive their constructive feedback. The feedback I request is both technical and heart-centric in nature. I then choose which changes, if any, I’d like to make before I deliver your film to you. 

With these storytelling techniques, I’m able to consistently create highly personalized films for couples just like you. It’s a film you’ll love from the moment you watch it and, hopefully, for many years to come.

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Hi. I’m Kelvin.

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Hi! I’m the one behind the camera. I hope that, more than anything else, when you watch your film, that you see yourselves. Couples who choose me are looking for a filmmaker who invites them to show up as who they are. These couples want a film that represents them and their wedding’s vibe authentically. They want a filmmaker who, above all, is keenly focused on them and their people having a good time.